Ground Turkey

Never Tasted Better


ONLY $145.00

Ground Turkey Pasta

This is a "Naked" favorite! Try our low calorie healthy Ground Turkey Pasta.

LOW CAL | $7.99

Taco Salad Blast

Try our taco salad a healthy alternative to an all time favorite.

LOW CAL | $7.99

Grilled Chicken Salad

Fresh Grilled chicken with no preservatives or additives.

LOW CAL | $7.99

Grilled Chicken With Veggies

Fresh Grilled chicken with Veggies no preservatives or additives.

LOW CAL | $7.99

Ground  Turkey  Enchilada 

served with Black Beans

If you love enchiladas you'll love our Low calorie Turkey Enchiladas.

LOW CAL | $7.99

Turkey Burger 

This ground Turkey favorite is amazing. Served with water and chips.

LOW CAL | $7.99

Grilled Salmon

Grilled Salmon w/veggies

LOW CAL | $9.99